Art therapy can be a refreshing alternative to traditional talk therapy and offers a wider range of ways to explore feelings, express ideas and reveal hidden strengths. Engaging in art therapy can promote new perspectives while compartmentalizing challenges and helping to regulate feelings. You can read about the evidence-based research that demonstrates the effectiveness of art therapy here.

I offer strength-based, non-judgemental support to youth and young adults struggling with issues that impede healthy interaction with themselves, their loved ones, and the world around them. I have clinical experience supporting clients with eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and complex care issues, however each individual has unique perspectives and strengths which are incorporated into the therapeutic approach.

As a psychotherapist and art therapist, I invite clients to engage in any combination of drawing, writing or chatting that feels right for them. Using art materials doesn’t require artistic ability. Colours, symbols, stick figures and abstract shapes are wonderful!

Please explore the information provided. I welcome your questions, and I am happy to provide a free initial consultation.