Art Therapy for Youth

I offer a safe, respectful and supportive space for young people to think, feel and explore. Sessions are relaxed and pressure-free. Besides using art materials, there can be quiet moments, writing or chatting. Clients are welcome to bring music to play if they wish. It can take a little time to feel comfortable and it’s perfectly normal to feel uncertain, shy or nervous at first. As with any kind of therapy it's important to allow time for the client and therapist to get to know each other.

Naturally there are times when helpful strategies are needed to get through the week, and other times it feels right to explore complicated feelings or situations. I am here to help, and nothing is too big or small, too silly or too serious. It is common to arrive at a session without a specific idea about what to explore. I am happy to offer suggestions and guidance, but in some instances a client will know exactly what they want to deal with that day.

Art therapy can be very helpful in a number of ways

Art therapy invites exploration

Art therapy provides a sense of control

Art therapy helps with understanding & communicating

Art therapy offers a break