"Patients who have not engaged in traditional talk or process based groups have flourished in Kristen's group. She provides a safe, validating, and fun environment for them to express themselves - not an easy feat for this population. Kristen is an effective, highly skilled and caring group facilitator, qualities that are much appreciated by the patients and staff."
Gillian Rowney CYC
Milieu Therapist, Inpatient Eating Disorders Program, SickKids Hospital

Group Sessions

Group art therapy is available in many institutions, hospitals, support groups and schools in Toronto. When done well, it is affirming, calming and esteem-building while offering opportunities for sharing and mutual support. I am pleased to offer group art therapy sessions onsite to a variety of organizations and groups. I have strong facilitations skills which incorporate positive energy, diplomacy and a calm, confident demeanour. I have had the privilege of designing and running group art therapy sessions over a number of years for both inpatients and outpatients at SickKids hospital. I have also run group sessions at youth crisis units and family shelters. I would be delighted to discuss how group art therapy can serve the population you work with.

When working with groups, particularly vulnerable populations such as children and youth, striking a balance between acknowledging the individual and building group cohesiveness is key to a fulfilling experience for all participants.

Benefits of group art therapy

Depending on the population you work with, group art therapy can offer both concrete and nuanced benefits. Here are a few:

Support provided by the art therapist

The art therapist plays many roles during group therapy including:

You can read about the research that demonstrates the effectiveness of group art therapy here.